The Story of How It’s Made

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The Birthplace

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In a small factory, set in the Hampshire countryside, a small team of craftsmen, built up over a number of years, make each piece of furniture, from the finest materials.

“Raw Material: Basic substance in its natural, modified, or semi-processed state, used as an input to a production process for subsequent modification or transformation into a finished product”
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The finest quality, graded timber, ethically sourced, awaits selection. Tulip wood is commonly used due to its knot free composition and stability

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Once the best piece of timber has been chosen, it is planed down to the correct width and thickness. These dimensions can be selected to very fine tolerances

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Now cut to the correct width and thickness, components are made from a comprehensive cutting list

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Cupboards and drawers are made using mortice and tenon joints, for strength and durability. German drawer runners routed into the underside of the drawers

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Fitting hinges the traditional way. Each stage of manufacture is done by hand to ensure absolute quality

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Making sure the door fits exactly into the door frame, to the finest tolerance

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All the components are assembled before they are moved into the assembly area

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Whatever the type of unit, they are all made at the factory. All integrated appliances are “dry-fitted” prior to finishing.

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Fitting in your home is carried out by professional cabinetmakers, so the skillset is carried right through the process.

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If you have chosen a painted finish, then the furniture is primed, undercoated and given a first coat of colour in the factory. Our decorator then finishes the units on site, which gives the best possible finish.

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Worktops are templated and fitted, draining grooves made, sinks set, by our stonemasons. Solid wooden tops are also available.